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How to order
1) Please fill in the following order sheet.
2) A Proforma Invoice will be sent by FAX immediately on the receipt of your order. (Cancelling is acceptable.)
Freight expenses will be added to product price.
3) Please make a payment by bank transfer or by credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB and AMEX).
4) Goods will be shipped from Japan in 7 business days after we can cofirm your prepayment.

An import license for chemical reagents may be required for customs clearance. Please confirm laws and regulations in your country.
Our products are 'reagents or test kits for RESEARCH USE ONLY'.

Prepayment will be needed. Goods will be sent as soon as possible after we can confirm your payment or your credit card. We can refund of the purchase price or replace only if goods are damaged when delivered. Please confirm the shipment when delivered, and if there is any problems, please notify within 7 days of the receipt of products.

Rough estimation of freight charge
Country Freight Charge per shipping*1 Average Delivery Date *2
KOREA US$100 to US$150 2 days after shipping
TAIWAN R.O.C. US$100 to US$150 2 days after shipping
CHINA*3 US$100 to US$150 4 days after shipping
EU area US$150 to US$250 3 days after shipping
U.S.A. US$150 to US$200 3 days after shipping
SOUTH AFRICA US$180 to US$400 5 days after shipping
*1: The prices listed are example for 3 items order. The precise freight charge is depend on the amount of items, and may change depending on economical situation.
*2: In case of customs clearance without no trouble. Goods will be shipped on next monday after we confirm your bank transfer.
*3: To order from CHINA, the import license is needed. Please confirm that your company or university has an import license.
Code Product Unit Price Quantity
(US$)* (Euro)* (JPY)
KOG-200SE New 8-OHdG Check ELISA kit 0.5-200 ng/mL
96 wells
- - -
KOG-HS10E Highly Sensitive 8-OHdG Check ELISA kit 0.125-10 ng/mL
96 wells
- - -
KHL-700E Hexanoyl-Lys (HEL) ELISA kit 2-700 nmol/L
96 wells
- - -
KDT-010E Dityrosine (DT) ELISA kit 0.05-12 µmol/L
96 wells
- - -
KPA-050 Total Antioxidant Colorimetric Assay kit (PAO method) 21.9-4378 µmol/L
96 wells
- - -
KGS-419J [NEW] Total Glutathione assay kit 5-100 µmol/L
100 tests
US$400 €340 -
KSD-311J [NEW] SOD activity assay kit 500 tests US$300 €260 -
MOG-100P Anti 8-OHdG monoclonal antibody(N45.1) 100 µg/vial - - -
MOG-020P 20 µg/vial - - -
MHN-100P Anti 4-HNE monoclonal antibody (HNEJ-2) 100 µg/vial - - -
MHN-020P 20 µg/vial - - -
MHL-020P Anti Hexanoyl-Lys (HEL) monoclonal antibody
(NOTICE: discontinued after March 2010)
20 µg/vial - - -
MHL-021P Anti Hexanoyl-Lys (HEL) monoclonal antibody
(New product: clone 5F12)
20 µg/vial - - -
MBY-020P Anti Dibromo-Tyrosine (DiBrY) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial - - -
MTG-100P Anti Thymidine Glycol (TG) monoclonal antibody 100 µg/vial - - -
MDT-020P Anti Di-Tyrosine (DT) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial - - -
MMD-030n Anti malondialdehyde (MDA) monoclonal antibody 30 µg/vial - - -
MAR-020n Anti acrolein (ACR) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial - - -
MHH-030n Anti 4-hydroxy-2-hexenal monoclonal antibody 30 µg/vial - - -
MCA-030n Anti crotonaldehyde (CRA) monoclonal antibody 30 µg/vial - - -
MMG-030n Anti methyglyoxal (MG) monoclonal antibody 30 µg/vial - - -
MKC-020n Anti 7-ketocholesterol (7-KC) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial - - -
PLP-466J [NEW] Lipid peroxide probe (mitochondria) 5 µg x 3 vials US$250 €210 -
PLP-350J [NEW] Lipid peroxide probe (DPPP) 10 mg US$180 €150 -
MNW-020P [NEW] Anti Nitrotryptophan (NW) monoclonal antibody 20 µg/vial - - -
CFE-005 Iron Colorimetric Assay kit
            (Ferrozine method)
100 tests US$330 €254 -
CFE-010 Iron Colorimetric Assay kit
            (Nitroso-PSAP method)
100 tests US$330 €254 -
CBC-800 UIBC Colorimetric Assay kit
            (Bathophenanthroline method)
100 tests US$330 €254 -
CCU-400 Copper Colorimetric Assay kit
            (3,5-DiBr-PAESA method)
100 tests US$370 €285 -
CZN-001 Zinc Colorimetric Assay kit
            (5-Br-PAPS method)
100 tests US$310 €238 -
CCA-020 Calcium Colorimetric Assay kit
            (Chlorophosphonazo III method)
200 tests US$240 €185 -
CCA-030 Calcium Colorimetric Assay kit
            (o-Cresolphtalein-Complexone method)
200 tests US$240 €185 -
CMG-035 Magnesium Colorimetric Assay kit
            (Xyridil Blue-I method)
100 tests US$310 €238 -
OPF-010E Ultra filter unit for serum pretreatment.
(Cut-off M.W. is 10kDa For serum 8-OHdG.)
1 unit - - -
OPNUCP1 Nuclease P1 from Penicillium citrinum.
For pretreatment DNA samples to detect 8-OHdG.
500 units/vial - - -
Other items - - -
*Because of the sharp rise/down of exchange ratio between US$, Euro and Japanese Yen, prices of some products are not presented in this sheet. Please request a quotation.
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2) A Proforma-Invoice will be send to you. At this point, cancellation or modification is acceptable.
3) Please make payment in advance by bank transfer.
4) If you have selected payment by credit card, please input your credit card information at the PAYMENT PAGE (secured site).

Privacy policy
[NOTICE]: Our products are for RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for diagnostic, medical or other use.

We are making efforts to prevent errors or mistakes on preparing web site documents, instruction manuals and products.
But even if some damage would causedby such faults, we will be exempt from responsibility.
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